Sports and Mouth Guards

Situations that may warrant regular use of sports and mouthguards

Nightguards and mouthguards are two devices that can be obtained from the team at The Dental Studio in Flower Mound, Texas. In fact, many patients can benefit from using these oral appliances to protect their teeth and ensure a good night’s rest. Dr. Yasi Sabour encourages patients to consider times when the use of special sports and mouthguards may be in one’s best interests.

Why might I need a special mouthguard?

There are several reasons why patients visiting The Dental Studio may benefit from wearing specialized oral appliances. Below are a few situations in which Dr. Sabour may recommend the use of a nightguard or mouthguard:

  • Athletic mouthguards. If you are involved in high-contact or high-impact sports activities, such as football and hockey, you may be required to wear a sports mouthguard when you practice and play. The mouthguard is fabricated at our office to fit your smile precisely, offering the best protection from any trauma to the jaw or mouth area. While it doesn’t eliminate the risk of problems, it does increase one’s chances of maintaining a healthy smile and avoiding knocked out or damaged teeth.
  • Bruxism mouthguard. A unique oral appliance that looks like a mouthguard can also be made for patients with teeth-grinding problems at night. Grinding and clenching of teeth and jaw are often associated with the condition and can become problematic to one’s smile. When patients wear a nightguard during sleep, they protect their smile from damage.
  • TMJ oral appliance. Patients diagnosed with TMJ/TMD may want to ask about using a special mouthguard to align the jaw and reduce tension on the temporomandibular joint. This is critical to reducing issues such as pain and discomfort.

How do I learn more about the use of sports and mouthguards?

At The Dental Studio in Flower Mound, TX, Dr. Yasi Sabour and her team are here to help you achieve excellent oral health and wellness while proactively protecting your smile. If you are considering oral appliance therapy or using athletic mouthguards, do not hesitate to contact our team at (214) 393-6835. We are conveniently located at 2261 Olympia Drive, Suite #300, and are open to new patients.


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